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Shimla Tourism - Beautiful Hill Station in India

The popular and unique town of shimla located in the state of himachal Pradesh of Himalayan ranges is a beautiful shimla with the snow attracting the tourists and the ancient colonial architecture speaking about the British era in shimla. The town used to be the summer capital during British rule and is till date popularly known as ‘queens of hill stations’. The concept of traditional values and modern thought is firmly followed at this town and is also reflected in its architecture. Forget all the metro comforts and come down to this shimla in the lap of Mother Nature and take a different experience of relaxing amidst the green patches and snowy mountains. This tourist spot is also well popular as ‘honeymoon destination’ for the newly wedded couple.

Prospect hill in west shimla where the famous kamna devi temple is located, summer hill which is the location of himachal Pradesh university, observatory hill, inveram also in western hill where the popular state museum is situated, bantony in central shimla, jakhoo hills in central shimla and Elysium in north-west part of shimla popular are the main seven hills around providing fortification to town of shimla. These hills give a splendid opportunity to explore and have some adventure and spontaneous thrilling experiencing.

Along with the increase in visitors year by year, gradual increase in the shimla hotels has also been noticed. Shimla Hotels are effortlessly available. Hotels in shimla provide transportation facility as well. Shimla hotels are very famous and they are very well accumulated. The hotels in shimla manages al for your trip to shimla and takes you to soar over the Himalayan ranges. In-house spa facilities are provided to make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Meals provided in their in-house dinning areas will give you the real taste of the shimla regional food. The shimla hotels have everything to give that you need for a revival stay under the bliss of the snow Gladded Mountains.

The worth appreciating efforts of preserving the ancient structures and developing the town into a frequently visited tourist spot by adding adventurous activities and sightseeing to it, by shimla tourism has till date continued doing its job of maintaining and letting the town to flourish its charm. Various shimla tour packages are offered by shimla tourism that brings easiness to the job of visitor for finding accommodation at the town. There are end numbers of spots to be visited and explored at the town of shimla. This town gives perfect blend of nature along with the architecture belonging to colonial era to rediscover.

sight seeing spots at shimla are: the ridge road, the mall road-the main commercial street of shimla, Gorton castle, railway board building which is structure built up in the metal to make it fire resistant, the baijnath temple of lord Shiva which is almost a 1000 year old, kinnaur kailash mountain which is believed as sacred by Hindu and Buddhist people and is 6500 meters in height, viceroy regal lodge which served as the residence of British viceroy during British rule, gaiety theatre, annadale ground, the railway board building, etc.


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